Madi Lane

Who is Madi Lane?

After many years in the making, it’s finally time for me to reveal what I have been working on when I’m not at the beach, yoga studio or farmer’s market. It’s a project very close to my heart and I’ve kept my cards very close to my chest but I’m so proud of how far my team and I have come and ultimately what we have produced.

I wanted to create gowns for the many women in my life and if I’m honest, together with the natural world, they are the inspiration for the collection. Each gown embodies a different quality I admire in each of them and the environment in which you will most likely find them: SKYLAR, natural and at the water’s edge; SAMI, curious and in her garden of an evening and SABRINA, shy and out walking in the early hours of the morning before the rest of the world even open their eyes.

I spent years listening to these women and what they want, while addressing my own issues with what I felt the bridal industry was missing. My collection is ultimately a vehicle for my inspiration and although it arguably adheres to what is on-trend, I have a healthy respect for the historic principles of bridal design and the practicalities of sartorial techniques, which hopefully results in an alternative to the ‘dress by numbers’ approach of other ready-to- wear collections. In an effort to create a more varied and individual range, I have avoided the ambiguity of stretch lace in preference of a more tailored and structural approach in fabrics favoured by the world’s top couturiers.

I am on an ever-evolving journey: constantly learning, while ensuring I don’t forget what I have been taught. I am so fortunate to have been mentored by a giant of the industry whose experience and expertise continues to astound me. As a mentee, I have been nurtured and supported, and encouraged to find myself, which is exactly what I hope to do for the brides who wear a gown from my collection.

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